​Spring haul!

A.b 2

Good afternoon everyone! Today I’m here to write about my Spring Haul, this Haul includes different clothes from different Brands, and I’m so excited about this post cause spring makes me always in a good mood!

I want to start this Haul talking about two beautiful tops. Both from ZaraThe first item is a beautiful and simple crop-top with puffy sleeves that I absolutely adore (1) . The second is more colourful, something I would love to wear with a pair of denim shorts (2) .

These are three pairs of jeans, the first two from Zara, the other from H&M. The first pair is casual and you could wear it like every day, but I bought it because they were pretty cute, and the light blue was perfect for an outfit that I had in mind. (Light blue jeans with the Marc Jacobs crop top above, including the Calvin Klein Robyn bag) (1) . The second pair is different, it has the cute flower embroidery and I was so happy when I first bought it because I was trying to find this exact type of jeans from like ages (2) . I bought the third one because I am quite obsessed with high waist jeans, plus these are Mom Fit, so it was literally perfect (3) .

Spring Dresses. Two words that are beautiful together. There’s nothing more elegant, sophisticated and pretty than spring dresses. And about this, I bought two flawless dresses, one from Asos (1) and the other from Zara (2) (of course you might say). Both of these dresses could go really well with the black ballerinas down here.

I talked about dresses, jeans and tops, what about shoes? I bought not so long ago, these amazing ballerinas from Even&Odd. They’re simple just the way I like it and the heel is not that high.


This is everything for today’s post! Hope you liked it! Thanks again for reading my posts x

– A


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