I don’t travel without…


Hello there guys! Today I want to spend a few words on what I carry around with me, every time I have to pack my things for a new adventure! We all know that the ABC of travelling is: minimalism. You have to pack what you need. Today, I want to write exactly about that, so if you’d like to read this new post of mine, keep scrolling!

First off I don’t travel without: skincare products. My skin comes before everything, even before makeup. I can’t stand being one day without using my moisturiser or my cleanser, that’s why some brands created the travel size of some of their products and that’s what I call a life saver. I bought some of Pai travel size products and they’re amazing. ( I will probably review them in another blog post ).

I don’t travel without: at least two pairs of shoes. It depends on how many luggage you’re taking with you of course, but if it’s just one luggage I suggest two pairs of shoes is the right number for you. One pair for the casual outfit while the other is for those formal/elegant occasions.



I don’t travel without: my favourite book. No matter where you are in the world, a book is always a good choice even if you’re in the Hotel room enjoying a good and relaxing bath, or if you’re bored at the airport waiting for your flight to come.



I don’t travel without: a perfume. Especially if we’re talking about your usual perfume, that’s just a must have girl.




That’s all for today guys! Hope you’ve found this post helpful and enjoy your weekend! Xx

– A


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