Coachella Inspired Blog-post


Good morning readers! This weekend is super special for the people who live on the West Coast of the USA for one simple reason: Coachella. But the sad part is that not everyone can afford to go to that Music Festival, and what are those people (including myself) going to about that? Here I am with a few tips on how to take the Coachella atmosphere right at your home.

First of all, all you need to do is prepare your Coachella Outfit, it doesn’t matter if you won’t attend the festival, you can wear whatever you’ve chosen, for a simple night out with your girls. I picked three outfits, that are “Coachella-approved”, and they’re all affordable and not too eccentric. (Disclaimer: All the clothes that I’m going to show you are from H&, besides a few accessories. However, this is not promoted by the brand).

First Coachella Inspired Outfit: 



Denim Jacket and Earrings from H&



The denim jacket (47 €) has all these cute embroidered flowers, and I thought that even if it’s really simple, it could go really well with a basic tee and those pretty earrings (6,99 €).

Second Coachella Inspired Outfit:



FullSizeRender 2
Basic top with denim shorts from H&



This outfit is really, really simple, the only thing you need to add is an eccentric accessory to complete it. The white top (14 €) whilst the denim shorts (17 €).

Third Coachella Outfit:



FullSizeRender 3
Denim bib shorts, turtleneck top from H&



These cute denim shorts (23 €) and the turtleneck top (17 €) would go perfectly with a black bomber and a pair of ankle boots.

But, if you seriously like the Coachella atmosphere, you can’t go away without listening to a few of the songs that are in the Coachella’s playlist of this year. These three songs down here are my favourites out of all:

Gryffin – Heading Home

Bastille – Send them Off!

Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

Here you can find the whole Playlist → Coachella Playlist

This is today’s post guys, hope you liked it and I hope you’ve found it interesting/helpful!

Sending you hugs, and wishing you a Happy Easter!

– A

All the Outfits I created are from


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