Fashion meets Political Matters. 


As we all know, political matters such as: immigration and human rights are, lately, everyday’s topics.

People from all around the world are starting to realize how important it is to being down to earth and most of all, how important it is to show solidarity. Some of the most important (fashion) designers, influencers and bloggers put their words using fashion to communicate this, and I might add, the result is amazing.



We can see how the latest Prabal Gurung’s fashion show, brought all these various topics together creating an amazing event full of t-shirts with quotes, on how beautiful it is to be different, and to be confident. Here we can find Bella Hadid wearing a t-shirt that says “The Future Is Female”.




Fashion is becoming more open to these type of matters and the thing is that people are starting to like it.

A few brands such as Dior or high street stores like ASOS are adopting this kind of “style” creating advertisements that can motivate people to buy clothes matching these recurring subjects, for example:

“We will not be silenced.” By Dior.


Chiara Ferragni wearing “Feminist” T-Shirt By Melidè X The Blond Salad


Another example is Chiara Ferragni (picture above) showing off her Feminist T-Shirt from Melidè X The Blond Salad.

So, what do you guys think about this whole Fashion X Political Matters? Let me know in the comment section below!


Hope you liked today’s topic, and see you soon with the next blog post!

– A



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