Zara Haul


Good afternoon everyone! It’s Friday and I can’t wait for tomorrow because like every Saturday, it’s a tradition to go out for a Brunch. Even though Brunches are always fun, they become almost more exciting if you present yourself with new clothes on, or just new accessories.

Well, we know that accessories are just items that we can put on ourselves to make the look more complete, however clothes are literally something else. I live following a precise motto: “First impressions last.” And, for me, clothes determinate a big part of “the first impression”.

On Sunday I decided that I wanted to buy more clothes to wear during Spring, and today I am here to write a new Haul about them.

Everything that I’m going to show you is from

Let’s start with a dress. A denim dress to be precise. Last year I’ve seen the exact dress on and I didn’t know if I wanted to buy it or not, in the end I didn’t and when I went to Zara and saw this one, I decided it had to be mine. It has this cute frilled detail on the front I absolutely adore.



I also bought a sweatshirt with poplin sleeve. It’s so elegant and simple I had to buy it. I would see this one with a short denim skirt and a little shoulder bag in light brown. This would be a perfect “going out with my girlfriends” outfit!



Third item, another sweatshirt, staying always on the simple and sophisticated side. Colour: Sea Green this one is literally for Spring. Cute buttons on the front and puff sleeve.



And as in for the last item that I own, I had of course to buy something with flowers on it. Even though “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” ( The famous quote from The Devil Wears Prada ) I fell in love with this dress and yes I bought it. I simply love red flowers, can’t help it.



Hope you liked today’s post and see you very soon! Thanks for reading.

– A




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