A Chiara Ferragni blog post


Hello there! It’s been a while right? I’m writing from my room, and outside it’s so cloudy  it almost seems like an autumn day, well come one spring, when are you going to show yourself?

But, I’m not here to talk about spring or the weather, I want to talk about a brand, that it’s probably well-known to a lot of you, created from a girl who is from Italy : Chiara Ferragni.

A few weeks ago I bought a some items from her collection and today, on this new post I want to talk about my experience with ordering from chiaraferragnicollection.com and some of the products that I purchased.

First of all, I’m going to remember to every one of you that I’m not here to brag at all, I just want to share with you my thoughts and experiences! So let’s just get started!

Spring is here right? I decided that I needed a flower t-shirt and when I found this, I thought that it was exactly what I needed. It’s simple yet sophisticated and I love it.



From the “sale part”, that’s how I like to call it, I bought a hat, a cute one I might add. I think that Chiara Ferragni’s Collection is based mostly on street style aesthetic, that’s why the first time that I saw this product, I knew that I had to buy it. It’s black, so you can style it however you want and again it’s simple but pretty at the same time.



And, lastly, the thing that I bought that I wanted from such a long time: The flirting iPhone case. I was so happy when I bought, I cannot even explain. I bought it in grey, for the third time, I love simple and minimal so grey was perfect.



In the end, I received the package in three/four days, it was pretty quick, I might add. Chiara Ferragni has been one of my inspirations lately, so I can say that I’m happy to own some of her products from her collection.



This was my topic for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks again for reading my posts!

– A







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