Is sleepwear the new outwear ? 

Hello there people! I’m back, and I hope you’re all doing fine. I’m probably a little bit late, but I just wanted to wish a happy International Woman’s day to all the beautiful women out there, remember that you’re beautiful, pretty and capable of doing amazing things.

Said that, today I wanted to talk about a strange topic, regarding fashion: the sleepwear becoming outwear. If you observed recently the fashion trends, you’ve probably already seen what seems like a cute shirt that looks like something you would wear for bed time.

In fact, that is something you should wear for bed time, but fashion bloggers/models/fashion influencers tried to transform this “silky shirt and pants for night-time” into something more street stylish and wearable on specific occasions, without looking like someone who has just woken up from an eight hours sleep.

Should we all be surprised by this? Not at all, because let’s remember what Alexander McQueen used to say : “It’s a new era in fashion, there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style.”  And so, we shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

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Thing is, I’ve seen a lots of e-commerce sites such as Asos, selling these types of clothes, and going back a few years ago, in 2009, during MFW with D&G, we can find this trend “alive” in their collection.

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This is everything for today guys, hope you’ll have a wonderful day!

– A


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