The power of the Fast Fashion Bands

Good afternoon guys! I’m so happy because it’s finally the weekend and the past week has been so hard for me, but also, today I’m going out with my best friend and we’re going to see the movie “La La Land”, hope it’s worth spending my time on it because I’ve read some comments about it and they weren’t so pretty. If you watched it, I would be so happy to read what are your thoughts on it, let me know down in the comment section if you want!

But, today I’m not here because I want to talk about movies, I’m here because I want to talk about a specific item : The Zara City Bag.

I bought this bag a few days ago, if you’re questioning yourself, it’s not an object on sale and it’s REAL leather so it’s not that expensive but it’s not even that cheap for a product that is from the fast fashion area.

I spent 79,95 € for it, if you’re a fashion addict like me, you can understand.This is the bag I’m talking about:


I fell in love a while ago with the Chanel Alligator Boy Flap Handbag, and since you probably know how much Chanel is expensive ( and it’s fair enough because it’s an high fashion brand we’re talking about ) I did my research and I found out the Zara City Bag that is inspired by the bag that I wrote about earlier.

I know many of you are against these type of things, but I’m just a student and I don’t have physical earnings, so I thought why not?

The fast fashion is all about copying and creating their products taking inspiration from those high fashion brands, it’s not alright to do that either but it’s way better than buying a fake bag from third sellers right?


You can find the Bag here : Zara City Bag

That’s all for today guys, thanks again for reading my posts and sticking with me !

– A

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