My workout routine


Hello there! How are you all? It’s finally February and winter is going to end very very soon. I’m kinda sad about this because winter is my favourite season out of all four, but at the same time I can’t wait for the summer to arrive.

At the beginning of 2017, I started to consider everything that I made whenever I had some free-time, namely: absolutely nothing and that included staying on the couch watching some tv, or scrolling through my phone. I decided I wanted to change that, and from that idea, I started to revise a few of my habits for example: what I eat in a day, how productive I am from Monday to Friday and what I do every afternoon after I finish with my classes. And that’s when I’ve chosen to apply to my local gym and start my workout 3/4 times per week.

Let me tell you: I haven’t decided to go to the gym because I want to be more skinny or whatsoever, but because I wanted (and I still do, since I’m still going to the gym) to be more fit. In the past years with exams/tests and a lots of stuff to study I have never had the time to sit down and say “Alright Alice, now you go to that gym and you start that damn workout”, but with the new year I finally had the determination to do that, which I’ll be eternally grateful.

If you’re just like me, and you’d like to start a workout routine, but you don’t have the time to go out to the gym, don’t worry because the exercises that I do are pretty simple, you can do them even in your room. I’ll help you out! My workout consists in 30/35 minutes abs, butt and tights exercises.


  • The first thing you want to do is wear comfy clothes (that’s pretty obvious) start off by laying on your back and start by doing Crunches (30 seconds).
  • Continue by doing Crunches with leg lift (45 seconds).
  • Bicycle Crunches (30 seconds).
  • Reverse Crunch (45 seconds)
  • Single leg drop (30 seconds).
  • Plank (45 seconds).

Repeat every one of these exercises two times.



  • Squats (45 seconds).
  • Side squat + Jump (30 seconds).
  • Reverse Lunge (45 seconds).
  • Ski squats + Lifts (30 seconds).
  • Lay down on one side and then on the other for the Inside thigh raises (45 seconds).
  • Squats (1 minute)

Repeat every one of these exercises two times.



As I already said in one of my previous posts, I bought my gym bag on Victoria’s Secret and it’s by PINK NATION.


This is my workout routine! You can learn to do this every day, you’ll feel better, more relaxed and more active, trust me on this! If you have any questions feel free to comment down here or contact me at

Hope this post was helpful and see you very very soon!

– A


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