Winter Lookbook


Goodmorning guys! Hope you’re all feeling well and you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday! I know I’m pretty late with this because winter is almost over but I wanted to do it anyway, and I’m talking about: the winter lookbook.

I have three lookbook for you guys today, most of the things I’m going to show you are from, but don’t worry, I’ll link all the products for you.

First Look


So I fell in love with the bag on the right side, it made me think of the Chanel bag, but since the Chanel bag is very expensive I decided to go for this one. I absolutley love the chains and the leather. Once I figured out which bag to use, I completed the outfit adding a similar Chanel Jacket and the Mom Jeans, plus the shoes that I thought would be so perfect in the wole outfit.

Bag; Shoes; Jeans; Jacket : Zara. com

Second Look


So for the second look I chose a very simple and clean blouse with a bow on the front, matching skinny Jeans with high weist, black bluchers and my favourite bag ever, the small shoulder bag called “Robyn” if you were wondering.

Jeans : Vetements

Shoes :

Bag : Calvin Klein

Third Look


My third and last look, my all time favourite pinkish ankle boots, black shoulder bag, leather Jacket and Mom jeans.

Ankle Boots; Bag;  Leather Jacket :

Mom Jeans :

So guys these were my must-have items during winter times. I didn’t write a lot, because the intent of this post was to show you the clothes/accessories and where to buy them.

Hope you liked it and see you soon! Lots of love and thank you for reading my posts! X

– A

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