Talking about fashion: Asos Haul


Good evening guys! How are you? It’s already Sunday, and I can’t believe we’re almost in February! So this week has been so busy for me, I haven’t even had the time to publish something on my blog. So now that I have some freetime, I want to talk about my Asos Haul.

Last week I purchased a few things from and they arrived Friday so here I am writing a new post!

I will remark this: everything that I post is not to brag, at all. I just want to inspire people who will read what I write, and let me say a big thank you to everyone who spends a few precious minutes of their time to click on my blog and read my posts, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

So, as always I will put all the links for all the items. Enjoy!

Since I needed a new parka I bought one. It’s from Asos Petite, because I’m really small (ugh) and it’s called 3 in 1 Parka with Ribbed Collar. Of course you can find it even for the taller size. On the inside it’s green while on the outside is black. You can remove the two pieces so you can have a green parka and a black one. (I took the picture for my instagram, so I will post it here so you can see it without clicking on the link.)


I also bought this white top that I thought it would be so cute to wear in Summer with a little bag and a pair of jeans. This one is from the collection of Asos White.

Let’s talk about jumpsuits. I swear the jumpsuits are my life guys. When you have to go to a special occasion but you don’t want to wear a dress and you’re in no mood to dress up, then a jumpsuit is what you need. I bought this one that is a one off the shoulders, black jumpsuit with white stripes. Always from Asos White.

I started to work out more lately and I was in need of some comfy pants and I decided to go for these grey Vintage Sweat Pants from the brand Nike. Even though they’re from asos, you can find loads of other brands, including also Nike.

Always staying in the area of sport, I bought the pants so I had to buy also the top. I chose this from Puma.

Talking about cute items, I bought this 2 Pack of Block notes, they’re really pretty! On one you can find the quote “Work” while on the other “Play”. I bought the because I needed a journal where I can write about what happens in every day of my life, while I use the other one to write my blog posts ideas and organize myself.

That’s almost everything that I bought, if you want you can comment down below, and thank you again to read my posts! Love you all and see you soon!

– A

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