My 2016 favorites!


Good afternoon beautiful people! I hope you’re all well and that you’re not full of pages to study for different exams (ugh). I organized my week so that today I could find the time to open my laptop and publish something on my blog, since I think that I am way too late to write this, that is “My 2016 favorites”.

2016 has been a hard year for me, nothing comparable to what I know 2017 will bring, but it was pretty close. I must say then, that I am truthfully happy to start this new chapter of my life (this was a deep speech, wow I might cry).

But, jokes aside, let’s talk about my favorite items through the past few months! (You can find the links for some products).

  • First item, regarding Fashion, is a dress from Asos. It’s from the Asos Denim Collection so the garment is totally Denim and it’s white. It is a pretty summer dress, that I honestly enjoyed so much wearing during the hottest months of 2016. It doesn’t have short sleeves but it’s very very pretty. I used to wear this one with my lovely Calvin Klein Robyn bag. It was a good match!
  • Second item, always staying in the area of fashion: a hat. From Zara. I bought this one in June, it’s so beautiful! I wanted a hat since I can’t even remember and I found this one that had a pretty little bow behind and it was love at first sight. You can style this type of hat with a summer dress or with a swimsuit. I used to wear the hat while I was at the beach. (You can see the picture of the hat in my Instagram @edgeofmywishes).
  • Third item: the amazing book by Alexa Chung – It. I read this for about two or three times during the whole 2016. It’s like a little biography of Alexa Chung (One of my many inspirations in the fashion world) and it also have tips and beautiful pictures in it.
  • Another thing, you probably don’t know, but I am obsessed with candles. My room is filled with candles from Yankee Candle. If you have already heard of this brand, then you know that there are (maybe) thousands of scents. My favorite one is called Vanilla Cupcake. It literally smells like vanilla.
  • Talking about bags, I had to add this one to this post: my gym bag from Pink Nation. I paid 40 $ (38 €, approximately) and it was soon worth it. The bag is comfortable and you can fit many things in there. I choose the colour black for it, but there are many others and they’re all pretty!
  • The last thing, I guess, is one of my recent purchase: the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick in Drop Dead Red. I won’t take too long to write about this product because I intend to post a Too Faced Haul later, but holy moly I will just say that it has a very very very good consistence.

These were my 2016 favorites. I hope you enjoyed this post guys ! I have so many other items to write about, but it would take too long, so I decided that it was okay just to write only a few.

Hope you can have fun during this week-end and see you soon!

– A

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