Benefit Review


Good morning guys, how are you? I’m so sad because Christmas break is almost over and I’m not ready to face the old and same routine of everyday, it’s so good to be at home, but you know, life goes on.

Yesterday I went to Sephora and I bought some Benefit Cosmetics and I must say that some are really good while others are just not as I expected them to be.

  • The first product that I bought is the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, I needed an eyebrow pencil so I thought I could try this one, and it didn’t disappoint me. It is very soft to apply and it has a good formula. I must say also that is not cheap, but at the same time, for me, it’s totally worth spend a few more money on a good product.


  •  Talking about the second, this one is called Total Moisture, and you can find this one clicking in the menu section above Shop My Beauty Products. So, I was trying to find a good hydrating cream, because hydrating creams are never enough, and this one caught my eye. I know that Benefit is not really known for skincare products, but I wanted to give it a try. This one is good for both dry and normal skin, mine is in the middle so I thought it was fine. Even though it’s really good as a cream, I must say that is very (very) oily. Sometimes when I apply too much of it, I have to wash my hands, clean them with a towel and then again massage the product on my face because I can’t stand being too oily.


  • Another one is a hydrating tinted lip balm called Benebalm, I was intrigued by this product that in the end I decided to buy it. I had high expectations, but unfortunately it didn’t make me as happy as I hoped it would. For me, it’s similar to any other lip balm that you can find in the market, so I wouldn’t recommend this one.


  • Finally, the last one, the They’re Real! Mascara, that I absolutely adore. My favorite two mascaras lately are the Too Faced – Better Than Sex and of course, this one. But since this is a Benefit Review and not a Too Faced one, let’s talk about the They’re real Mascara. First, it has good pigmentation, and it makes your lashes look longer and defined and I don’t know if it’s just an impression of mine, but my lashes are more dark when I use this product. If you have the chance to buy it, I think that you should!


That’s it guys, I wanted to write a Benefit Review from such a long time and now, is finally published! I will come up with another post ( I still don’t know when though ) regarding my 2016 favorites, even though I already know that by the time I’ll publish it, it’ll be probably already too late for that kind of topic.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Benefit Review and see you soon !

– A 






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