All my Christmas Presents. Get inspired !



Hello readers ! Welcome to another new post ! I hope every one of you had an amazing and happy Christmas and I also hope that you’ve received what you were hoping for ! Today I’m here because I want to talk about a few presents that I’ve got, but not to brag about them however, I think that you could get inspired for gifts to buy for any other special occasion, or just for yourself, because, as they say, you gotta treat yourself girl.

Let’s just get into the post then !

  • The first thing that I’ve received is (you’re probably tired of hearing it) an eyeshadow palette. From the brand Too Faced and it is the Chocolate Bar Palette. I wanted this one from such a long time, that when I opened the present I couldn’t believe it. The first thing that catches your eye (or should I say your nose?) when you first open it is the smell, seriously it smells heavenly. The shadows are made with cocoa powder so you can say that the name “Chocolate Bar” fits really good.
  • Going from Make-Up to Fashion, let’s talk about shoes. I have received a beautiful pair of Ankle Boots always from Zara. I didn’t expect that but I am in love with them. If you’d like to see how they look like, go to my instagram page (@edgeofmywishes).
  • The third present, a perfume. This is a bit different from the presents above as I tend to consider every kind of scent a personal thing, that you may like or not. By the way, the perfume that I received is Chloè.
  • And, the last thing, two presents that I got from myself to myself, because as I said before, if you don’t treat yourself, girl what are you doing? And in this one, you can find the link clicking directly in the name of the item. As you may know I am obsessed with Pink Nation, so I got a Sports Bra in black, really really simple (as I like it) and one Sleepshirt that I absolutely adore.

These were my Christmas presents, hope you liked the post and I hope you’ll get inspired by one of these items to buy for someone really special to you. I will remark that what I’ve written in here, is not because I want to show off myself, but because I like to write and share things with you, and inspire other people.

Hope you all can have a beautiful time during these holidays and see you soon !

– A 



















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