Top 5 things to do in: London


Good afternoon guys, as I’ve already said, I went to London last summer with my best friend. We had a lot of fun and if I could I would travel back in time just to take the plane another time and do it all over again. London is like my second home, I visited it more than a few times but every time that I go there, it feels like a new experience, mostly because there are always new places you can discover.

Since the holidays are near, I figured out that if you decide to go for a trip in London, you may need to see which are the best places to visit.

So, let’s get into the post already!

  • First stop Starbucks. This is probably a SO common place, but I think that it has that street style thing that it makes it pretty. Also, I love how organized the place is (I’ve never tried any other Starbucks beside the one that is in London, so I’m referring only to that one).
  • The National Gallery, so, you should know that art is one of my favourite things in the world. I love going to art galleries and the first time I went to London, I decided that this place was on my priority list. There are such amazing paintings, you’ll remain speechless, trust me.
  • Third place Oxford Street, if you’re obsessed with shopping, you will not want to skip this step. Oxford street is so big and there are beautiful shops. But, try not to get lost (like me, unfortunately).
  • If you’re seeking colours and art go for Portobello Road. When I went there I couldn’t stop taking pictures, there are so many things to watch/see that you don’t know where else you can lay your eyes on. Plus when you’re there you can find those pretty and decorated houses, I swear it’s so beautiful, I go to Notting Hill every time I travel to London.
  • As the last thing I wanted to write about the London Eye. You probably know that this one is one of the many things London is famous for, but when I went there for the first time, it seriously was one of the best experiences of my life. You can see London from the top. It lasts about one hour. If you have time, go for it.

This where my “Five top things to do in London” and I hope you liked it, and I also hope that if you ever go to London, these will be helpful.

Lots of love, and have a Merry and Bright Christmas!

– A 












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