4 Ideas for Christmas gifts


Good evening amazing people! Today since it’s nearly Christmas ( I’m so excited!! ) I want to help you out if you haven’t found the perfect gift to give to your best friend, sister or girlfriend. Well, I still have to buy some presents too but there’s still some time left right?

Don’t worry I’ve got your back dude.

And you can find all the links to the products, as always of course.

So, first thing I want to talk about is a book. Recently I bought a biography by Connor Franta that you can find in my November Favourites, but that’s not the point. As for me, a book is always a good idea for a present. There are some books out there that don’t cost a lot, so if you really don’t know what to buy, go for a book.

Second thing, a lipstick. Girls love lipsticks. Lately I’ve been obsessed with too faced, and I must say that their products work really well so if you happened to find yourself in a Sephora shop I suggest you seek the Too Faced Melted Matte, these one are all mattes but of course you can find even the glossy ones.

You know someone that maybe is in need for a gym bag? Go for the Pink Nation Gym Duffle, I recently discovered it. Honestly I already owned a gym bag but it was old so I decided to go for a new one, and I think that this one has an acceptable price and it’s very comfortable to take around. Also there are a lots of other things on the Pink Nation site, so if you don’t especially fancy the gym bag, you can search for something else ( t-shirts, sweaters, body lotion… ).

The last thing that I want to share with you as an idea for a Christmas present is a Countdown Christmas Calendar but, let’s be clear I don’t intend the usual Christmas Calendar with the chocolate inside, no. I mean the ones that give you beauty products or make-up products. I think those are really cute and nice and for a gift, as for me, I think it’s original. Of course you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t make sense if you give as a present a Countdown Calendar on the day of Christmas, but maybe if your best friend is going away for the holidays and you’re not seeing her for Christmas, it would be perfect to give her this. The one that I want to add here is from Asos.com.

That’s everything for today guys, hope this post was helpful and enjoy the rest of your week! If you’d like you can follow my blog, and like this post, it would make my heart reeeally happy!

Lots of love!

– A

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