My second Sephora Haul



Good evening people! It’s evening now, but since I still don’t know when I’ll be posting this, I hope you had or have an amazing day! Today I want to talk about my second Sephora Haul. I’ve already done a Sephora Haul but that one was mostly about skincare products. If you’d like to read that post I will link you down below everything, including all the products that I’m going to talk about now.

I just want to clarify that this blog post is all related to make-up.

So, I already said in my last post that for my birthday I’ve received the limited edition of the Too Faced palette (You know the one that resembles a café shop) now, I wanted to buy myself a cute little present for Christmas (I’d say an early present) and I ended up buying the other limited edition packaging, always from Too Faced that includes:

  • One palette
  • One lipstick
  • A mascara
  • And a blush

And I forgot to say that everything smells like chocolate. How to be in heaven.

The second thing that I bought, always form the brand Too Faced (Call me obsessed) is the famous Palette Chocolate Bar, that, let me say, never goes out of style. I wanted this from such a long time, and let me say that if you’d like to buy a palette go for this brand or for the Urban Decay because, trust me, they’re the best on earth.

And since I needed this one, I also bought a contour stick from Dior. Honestly when it comes to contour I prefer the sticks to the powder (Or palette, depends on how you call it), for me it’s more easy to apply and, I don’t know if it’s just me or something, it stays longer on your skin.

That is everything guys, all the links for everything that I bought are down below, and hope you enjoyed it reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


– A





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