Birthday Presents!



Hello beautiful people! I missed writing here, it has been a few days (or more) since I posted something and today I’m back with another kind of “haul”. I don’t want to brag myself as you may think, I just want to share with you what my family/friends gave me for my 18th birthday so that you can take some ideas if you want to make a present for your BFF or just because Christmas is near (who else is excited as hell?).

So let’s just get staaarted.

  • So my best friend ever, bought me a pochette. I desperately needed a pochette and she knew that so she decided to buy me one for my birthday. This one that she gave me is from the brand Twin- Set, I love Twin-Set. IMG_3857.JPEG
  • Another thing that I received is the beautiful palette from Too Faced. Literally, how. amazing. is. that. It’s perfect. It has cute packaging too, I’m in love with it. It resembles a little café in New York and I think that it would be a perfect Christmas gift, if you don’t know what to buy.IMG_3925.JPG
  • A beautiful red dress form Zara which I adore since it’s simple and sophisticated.IMG_3927.JPG
  • And I put the best thing at the end of the list because it’s my favourite thing: a Moschino dress. It’s grey and it has an heart that says “love moschino”. I am in love guys.IMG_3928.JPG


That is everything guys, hope you liked it and I hope that it made you think about what to buy for the holidays to your dearest friends or to your family.

See you very very soon with another post! Love ya’ll ❤

– A 

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