Asos Haul


Hello everyone! Today I’m back with another post. Last week I went on just because I was bored and it was a biiiig mistake. I found myself buying loads of things (clothes and house accessories) and today I want to show you a few of them.

As always I will put down below all the links so if you happened to be interested in one of the things that I purchased you can find it down here on this post.

Happy reading!

  • So the first thing that I bought is a little black dress from Asos White and I thought that it was pretty cute since I don’t have a little black dress and I think that it’s one of those clothes that you must have in your wardrobe:IMG_3804.JPG
  • The second thing always from Asos White are a pair of jeans with small pearls on it. It was love at first sight. They’re not the basic jeans you would wear in every occasion but I thought why not? They’re different and that’s what convinced me to buy them:IMG_3806.JPG
  • Third thing is from New Look but I always bought it on Asos. It’s a cup made of glass that says “Make Today Awesome” and since when I wake up I always drink a glass of water (It’s really healthy for your body, take this tip and try it too if you want!) I thought that it could be useful to put it on my cupboard so when I wake up I drink water and I start the day with a motivation quote! (If you’d like to see it more closely I posted a pic on my Instagram @edgeofmywishes):IMG_3812.JPG
  • The fourth thing and the last of this haul post is a Bomber jacket always from Asos. It’s an oversize bomber and since I wanted an oversize jacket form a loooong time, I finally decided to buy it! IMG_3813.JPG

I bought a few other things but since this is a blog post and not a video haul from YouTube, I wanted to make the post shorter so maybe you won’t find boredom while reading it!

This is everything for today guys, see you soon and I hope you liked this Asos Haul!

– A

And as I said earlier all the links:

Black Dress :

Pearl Jeans:

White Cup :

Oversized Bomber :


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