Travel with me: My tips for travelling.



Good morning readers! Today where I live it’s a very sunny Sunday, but unlikely I’m not feeling very well, so I thought that the most productive way to spend this day was to open my blog and start a new post! I’m back with a new topic: My travelling tips.

I love that feeling when you start to plan a new vacation or a new trip, and, also, can we talk about how exciting  it is when you get on a plane? Of course it becomes a little bit stressful packing your bags and everything but in the end it will be worthy, and if you ever felt this way, you get what I’m saying!

Now, let’s get into this:

  • TIP NUMBER ONE Be tidy. Trust me, if don’t want to stress too much, try to pack the necessary and try to fit everything in one or two bags, because when the bags start to become more than two, the process will be more difficult. (Of course, the number of bags depends on how many days you’ll be away, but my tip is: be tidy. In every situation).
  • TIP NUMBER TWO As I said earlier, let’s try to pack by using the “minimalism” quote: less is more. Now, keeping that in mind, you’ll want to take with you the things that you can’t live without when you’re away (Example: those two hoodies you like, or a pair of jeans you can’t go two weeks without wearing).
  • TIP NUMBER THREE When I travel I like to know/have informations about the place that I’m going to visit. That’s where the technology comes in. I download a bunch of apps on my phone regarding the city/place. You can download its underground map for example. Or, you can download an app that is called Around Me, this one shows you the restaurants, supermarkets, coffee bars everything situated around you. I think that this one, if you travel very often, is very very helpful.
  • TIP NUMBER FOUR Take with you something to keep yourself busy while you’re waiting for your plane, because trust me, those hours will be the most boring hours in your life, especially if your plane is late.
  • TIP NUMBER FIVE If you’re afraid to forget something while you’re packing, write down a list of the things you want to take with you and once you think you wrote everything put the list in your luggage so when it’ll be the time to pack everything back for the coming home flight, you’ll be ready and you will not have to worry if you lost/forgot something.
  • TIP NUMBER SIX The last one, be sure to have your phone chargered and ready for the trip you’re going to make.

That’s it guys, hope these tips will be helpful! There are loads of things to do before going on a trip, but these that I wrote down, are the basics.

Let me know in the comment section what you think, aaand hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your day!

– A

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