The last 5 things I purchased

Good evening guys, hope you had an amazing weekend and an amazing Halloween! Are you ready to start another week? Because I’m not! It’s so good to be at home!

By the way, today I want to spend a few words to share with you the last five things I bought. It’s like a mini Haul.

And, if you’d like to buy something that I posted on here, you will find all the links down below. Happy reading! ❤️

  1. Starting with something really easygoing this beautiful dress from Zara. I bought this one because it’s really comfy and keeps you really warm and besides that I think it’s cool and it has that street style characteristic that made me fell in love with it! Plus it has the turtle neck that I personally adore wearing during autumn/winter.
  2. The second item: a pair of shoes from Tommy Hilfiger. They’re actually boots, but I wanted/needed a pair of boots so I decided to buy them from this brand. I have clothes from Tommy Hilfiger and I must say that they’re really good quality! 
  3. A watch. This watch that I bought is from Daniel Wellington. I wanted a serious and simple watch, not too small and not too big. I found this one and I thought that it was perfect. It’s black and it has a bit of rose gold. I love rose gold, so that was actually one more reason to purchase it. If you need to buy a new watch I suggest you try this one!
  4. A new bag. This one was actually a gift but’s not a big deal right? It’s a really small bag from Calvin Klein and it’s brown and it really goes with everything! 
  5. Changing the type of article we’re going to talk about make up. I bought the naked palette from Urban Decay. I wanted this from such a long time, and since my birthday is near I wanted to gift this one to myself. It has beautiful shades and amazing colours for the perfect eye-shadow. I simply love it.    

This is everything for today guys, hope you enjoy the rest of today! Love you all!


The links for all the items:

Zara dress:

Tommy Hilfiger boots:,it_IT,pd.html#!color%3D918%26size%3D36

Daniel Wellington watch:

Calvin Klein bag:—robyn-k60k601646901–1

Urban Decay palette:


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