Hello there! I want to tell you a funny story: I actually had to write again this post because I accidentally deleted it ( I hate myself).

Today we’re going to talk about, as the title of this post says: skincare products.

You could say that I’m obsessed with skin care because I know that even in my previous post (the Sephora Haul) I talked about the few products that I bought for this.
Well today I’m going to talk about some creams/face masks that I use, of course I won’t name all the products that I have because I will probably spend an entire day to do that since when I see a new skincare product I tend to buy it even though I know that before using it I needn’t to finish the one that I already opened.

So so let’s get into it:

From the brand ANATOMICALS :

  • Daily Moisturiser : we all know what a moisturiser is, I usually put this on my face when I finish the cleaning part.
  • Daily Face Wash : lately for cleaning my face I’ve been using the face masks. But, I used to use this one before, and trust me, it’s amazing.
  • Face Masks : I bought these three and one it smells like chocolate and it’s an anti-stress facemask (I still have to try this out though), the second is a mattifying facemask while the last one is a deep cleansing mud mask.

From the brand KIEHL’S :

  • Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash : Gosh that was so long to write down. By the way, this one is a simple face cleaning.

From the brand SEPHORA :

  • Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder : This one is like a baby powder (I’m serious) you put it in your hands and you mix it with a face cleansing (it doesn’t metter the label, but it has to be a face cleansing) and then you clean your face skin, you wash everything out and the magic happens. This one makes your skin really really soft. I swear.

So that’s practically everything for today. I have seriously a lot of skin care products, and some of them are the ones that I showed you in my Sephora Haul here on my blog (

See you very soon! And Goodnight!

– A

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