Talking about fashion!


Hello people ❤️ I’m back with another topic today: fashion.
Even though right now I’m studying for my degree in business management, I actually studied fashion, and I know the subject and every aspect of it.

I went to Zara earlier and I saw the very talked about ‘flats’ that are similar to the “Miu Miu„ flats.

So these, down here, are the Zara flats :

While the Miu Miu flats :

And everything here works around the livel of copying that’s called “We too but different„ a name that is used in the marketing area to classify something that’s actually similar to the original product but with some differences. For example:

  • While the Miu Miu flats have a little bow on it, the copied flats don’t.
  • The Miu Miu flats have different strings in different fantasies, the Zara flats have only one string that’s way thinner than the original pair.

So, let’s just say that they only have some elements in common, and of course, the most important one: the price. If you’d like to buy the Miu Miu flats you need to know (but you’re already aware of that, probably) that they’re not that cheap. It’s obvious, we’re talking about high fashion here girl.
But, you have another option: you can buy the Zara flats (39.95 €) that as I said before, they’re not exactly like the Miu Miu ones but if you’re obsessed with something and you want it at all costs and you don’t want to spend too much money for it, go and buy the Zara flats.
Another thing, I personally don’t think that the fast fashion should take the ideas of the high fashion and create similar garments, we should have more originality.
That’s everything for today! See you soon!

– A

#lifestyle #fashion #tips


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